North-Central Washington

 Beekeepers Association

Swarm Team Dispatch: Teri McGarr 509-264-5075

During the early summer, bees naturally tend to split their hives and look for a new home. While this move is a natural process for bees, it can look entirely crazy to people! Bees often swarm around noisily in the air, and ultimately wind up in a neat little ball, usually up in a tree or hanging from something else (eaves, chimneys, ceilings, fences, etc.).

If you encounter a swarm of bees:

Please call our swarm team dispatch immediately so that one of our beekeepers can attempt to  safely relocate them to a new home. Swarms of bees are usually not aggressive, and may not remain where they are for very long. With a quick call, we may have the opportunity to relocate the bees to a better location where they have chance to thrive

Be prepared to answer a few basic questions:  Such as a street address or clear concise location, physical location of swarm EX: in a tree, on a house, in a flower pot, and how high off the ground they are. A few other classifications may be asked such as if you know how long the swarm has been there and if it is in a hazardous location.

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