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  • Monday, May 20, 2019 1:44 PM | Anonymous
    Board Members present. Kristen Taylor, Peter Hill, Teri McGarr. Kristen opened the meeting and explained for anyone who did not know that Wayne had resigned as president. She asked for The Secretaries report which I did not have with me, Peter gave his Treasurers report. $6766.48 in checking and $933.68 in savings. Al was delayed, so we discussed club business and news. we are going to do apiary visits again, if anyone is interested please let Kristen know and we will get some visits scheduled. Our next meeting falls on Fathers day so we will meet the following Sunday which is the 23 of June. at 5pm at the Fire hall We are in the planning stages of our Annual BBQ / potluck, so be thinking of your best dish to share!!! we had a good turnout last year, lets see if we can do it again!! Craig suggested dropping our membership prices next year. Lee Maden suggested we we need to overhaul our By Laws. Glen took the floor and we discussed mites, as there had been a lot of Questions in Google group lately. and we answered questions for the newer members until Al arrived and presented his program. Next Bee Chat: June 13th at The Big Y ( Wild Huckleberry) in Peshastin.
  • Thursday, May 16, 2019 10:27 AM | Anonymous

    Board members in attendance. Wayne Ranne, Kristen Taylor, Peter Hill, (&Daryn Klinginsmith), Teri McGarr.

    Wayne opened by having new members introduce themselves, 

    our Education this month was a Panel  discussing Frame rotation and box rotation amongst other things we do in the spring.  our Panel was Craig Genereux Andy Kahn, Lee McGarr & Craig Durning.

    Wayne took the floor , we discussed administrative issues, then went on to discuss his budget,  for Education and a webinar with guest speaker Randy Oliver.  we'd need a venue .it was decided we needed a Board Budget meeting .

    Savings account: $933.53

    Checking account: $6685.35

     Coming Events:...... 

    Bee Chat: May 16th, at Casa Tapatia, 1650 Grant Rd. East Wenatchee. 

    Biz/Ed : May 19th at Douglas Co. Firehall.  Eastmont, 

    I apologize for my posting late. Teri. 

  • Tuesday, April 09, 2019 12:17 PM | Anonymous

    A Best Practices & Education monthly meeting of North Central Washington Beekeepers Assoc. 

    Was held on March 17th 2019. 

    And was Presided over by Wayne Ranne & Teri McGarr  as secretary 

    Board members in attendance were:   Kristen Taylor – Vice Chair  &Peter Hill – Treasurer 


    Craig Dunning   gave a talk on how package bees came to be a “Thing” and the pros and cons of packages and Nucs. 


    Thiago Moraes  gave a talk and a slide presentation on his set up and his first year of beekeeping. 


    We will be doing a Bee  colony census in April,  from Oct 1st   2018  to april 1st.2019 

    Covering the following: 

    Types of hives, types of bees 

    IS mite treatment used? Supplemental feeding yes/no? 

    Source of Colony ie, Package, nuc, swarm, split? Queens age, and source 

    General geographical location and Elevation. 

    Wayne will send out a  BPE To Do list for  Feb/Mar/Apr.  via  The Google group,  


    Our Master Gardener Joint Exhibit team is : 

    Lee Madden, Walter Kursave,Patti Egglestone,Alice Crawford,  &Amy Cummings 


     As of March 17th2019  CVB online Balances were  Checking: $6,259.90      

    and Savings:  $993.16 


    Please note**** our April BPE meeting will be held on 28th this month NOT 21st 

    Due to 21st being Easter sunday. 

     Bee chat is to be held on April 11th at 6pm at the Countryboys BBQ in Cashmere. 






  • Thursday, March 07, 2019 11:36 AM | Anonymous

    DATES:  Bee Chat, Thursday 14 March at Sweetwood BBQ.  Wenatchee. 6pm.  

    Next BPE Sunday March 17th 2019. Douglas Co. Firehall. 

    Bee Order Deadline March 27th.!! 


    31 people in attendance   and 2/3rds were new members. !! This is great!! 

    Wayne introduced his daughter Bridgette Ranne,  As guest speaker, she is a botanist with the forest service,  she gave us a very informative talk on  native forage , and what blooms when & where.  

    After a short break we discussed our mission as beekeepers in the NCWBA as we had so many new people attending.   

    Wayne discussed our Education program, and Peter & Daryns Pybus Event.  

    We have had word that the Journeymans course has been approved and Steve Foley will be doing a beginners Plus course for anyone  interested in that,  

    Wayne will send out an email when the plan is set, (probably the End of March) 

    We are going to do the first NCW colony census,  later on to assess  where and how many colonies survived the winter. 

     Al had a Question and Answer session for new keepers.  

    Wayne handed out previous years Beginners Certificates  That we were given the weekend of the Pacific NW Bee Conference.  

    I apologize for  The  monthly minutes being late,  


    Teri A McGarr 


  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019 9:50 AM | Anonymous

    In Attendance 25, members including 4 new members.

    Board Members in Attendance:

    Wayne Ranne, Kristen Taylor, Daryn Klinginsmith, Teri McGarr. 

    Wayne opened the meeting, and had our new members introduce themselves, They are,

    Ben Erdmann, Tyler Armour, Christine Young and Breanna Gask Wilson.

    We Voted on our Board members, it will remain the same, but Daryn is stepping down as treasurer and Peter Hill will take his place.

    Wayne talked about our  new Beekeeping mission,  ( What we are going to do) for 2019.

    We aim to educate not only existing members but the public  also, we are aiming for 80% overwintering of colonies, and will be calling our monthly meeting, "Best Practices Education"  or B.P.E.

    He also told everyone that we need ideas for content for the  new website, if you have any ideas please let him know, he also said our new facebook page is up and running. North Central Washington beekeepers,

    if you have any photos or anything you'd like to post, feel free to do so,  

    Wayne  spoke of our  renewed membership with WASBA, and the process of education through WASBA., there are 4 levels, 

    0 years experience beekeeping,  WASBA Beginners  taught by Al. Z. this will be taking place the first 3 Saturdays in February at the firehall, from 8 am til noon. Anyone interested please let Al Z, Know.  the cost is $25 .

    1 year Experience, WASBA Apprentice course, taught by Steve Foley.

    3 years experience, WASBA Journeyman course. 

    5 years Experience, WASBA Master Beekeepers Course.

    Details of the last 2 are still to be finalized. 

    Mentorship was stressed, we need to be helping each other and especially new members. 

    Al Zalewski  took the floor and gave a presentation  which benefitted the new members, he also  asked for people to step up and help him with the Education, he is only one man, we need people who will and can help him out by doing Educational part of our  meetings.

    Daryn Klinginsmith & Peter Hill, will be teaching a class Titled "Whats the Buzz"

    On January 29th at Pybus, at 7PM

    Peter & Daryn have asked that if you have any photos of your Apiaries or anything Bee related that you would like them to show, please email to

    Kristen Taylor is the point of contact for the bee order this year, Daryn and Peter will be the distribution.  same place as last year, more details will follow, as will order forms. Bee Nucs will be $150.00 Queens will be later

    Daryn refunded monies to the people who did not attend the mead class. and took checks given for memberships and the mead class.

    Show and tell.

    Walt Kursave brought honey from Hawaii, to let us taste, 

    Ben Erdmann owns a Kambucha co, in Levenworth, called Honey Jun and brought samples, 

    Al. Zaleweski brought a  beautiful book Titled Honey Bee Biology, byDewey M.Caron, and Lawrence Connor. 

    Lee McGarr brought some ideas for wooden nucs, one a kit  he designed himself and one  a twin nuc, both of which he sells.

    Next BPE meeting. February  17th. 

    Bee Chat. TBA

    Teri McGarr

    NCWBA Secretary.

  • Monday, November 19, 2018 1:43 PM | Anonymous

    Board members present,  Wayne Ranne, Kristen Taylor, Daryn Klingensmith, Teri McGarr.

    Members present 18.

    Wayne opened the meeting and introduced our guest speaker,

    Mr Tim Hiatt, who is the legislative chair and a member of WASBA. along with his brothers, Tim has 18,000 colonies. he came to talk to us a little about the legislative side of working with bees. he told us there had been a shake up at WASBA and there is an updated curriculum for Journeyman and Master beekeepers, as well as a "Beginning Beekeeping" class,  which leads to the apprentice class and  is a 12 lesson program.These classes would be (Beginning) $20. (Apprentice) $20. (Journeyman) $30, and (Master) $50.Daryn asked when our dues were due  for WASBA as a club, Tim said he needed to speak to the exec. secretary, and  theyd get it up to date.  Tim showed us a brief video,  and told us about a research facility that is in the works,  in Pullman.if anyone would like to receive his newsletters, please drop him an email at :

    next Wayne introduced Al, who told us about a seminar he went to in Spokane on Saturday, he told us it was quite interesting , there were A lot of very good speakers and they plan to do it every year,  he said it was well worth the $50. he has offered to look into the Beginners beekeeping program from WASBA  and says he feels we need to transmit  social responsibility to hobbyists, he also asked if there was anyone interested in the journeyman class, and a few raised said they were,  the new curriculum is almost ready, he will speak to Steve Foley about it. He then showed us a TO DO LIST, which is going to be part of our new website. also said he'd found 'NOTE' on his computer was a pretty good way to keep track of hives.

    Daryn gave the treasurers report, we have $5372. in our accounts, 0 new members  this last month , but around 10 in total in the last 6 months , He says he was approached by Pybus university, to do a beekeeping seminar, possibly in Jan. 

    Jeff and Steve will be doing the mead class again this year, more will be posted about that .  tentatively set for Jan 12. 

    Wayne asked Lee McGarr to take the floor and tell the club about products and services that Wenatchee Valley Bee & Supply has to offer, woodenware, mite treatments, advice  and mentoring are among them.

    Lee has a list for a bulk order if anyone wants to order,  it will not be an order like we are used to, in as much as orders will be individually sorted and then the person will be called when it is ready. he also stresses anything in the catalog can be ordered, it just may take a few days.

    anyone interested can contact him through the group.

    Afterwards we sampled some lovely honeys, Al even brought one that came from Isreal.  Well Done to all!! and Thanks to Wayne & Janice for supplying breadsticks and crackers. 

     Bee Chat  on Dec 13 TBA .

     **Note  NO DEC business Education meeting.

    Bee Chat January 8 2019 TBA

    Our next Business Education meeting is Jan 20th 2019.

    Also  I have renewed our use of The Douglas co.  Firehall for the next year.

  • Monday, October 22, 2018 10:56 AM | Anonymous

    In Attendance 25

    Board members present :Wayne Ranne,  Kristen Taylor, Daryn Klinginsmith,Teri McGarr

    Wayne opened the meeting  by introducing the panel for the Education part of the  meeting.

    The panel consisted of: Craig Genereux, Craig Dunning, Thiago Morales, Lee Madden, And Al Zalleweski.                                                                                      The subject was a project they are working on , "2019 Queen Rearing Project"                                                                                                                         Craig D started out by telling us what they were planning to do and how they hoped it would mean local queens would be available for the club and local beekeepers, They covered their own reasons for  getting into the project and advantages and disadvantages, of different methods of raising Queens, a very interesting talk indeed!!

    Wayne asked Glen to take the floor and let everyone know how the IT group is getting on, 

    The new Facebook page is up and running, and will have several people manning it eventually. those people have not been named as yet, The address is North Central Washington Beekeepers Association.                     We are working on The new website, The plan is to transition over to the new website when the subscription runs out on the current one.

    Daryn gave the treasurers report,  he said we had $50. last month and again this month from the rental of the extractor.,we have a new member this month  who signed up online,                                                                       Checking account holding $4200. and other account $1130.                           We now have a P.O.Box .for club business, should you need to get in touch via mail The address is : 

     North Central Washington Beekeepers Assoc. ,                                                            P.O.Box 5052.                                                                                                      Wenatchee WA. 98807.                                                                                    (PLEASE NOTE 98807, not 98801,)

    Daryn gave Wayne 2 keys for the box. Wayne will have one & The Secretary has one, A rota will be organized for pick ups.

    We have a guest speaker coming next month,  Tim Hiatt , who will be here to speak to us about the Washington state Beekeepers Assoc.  he will be available for questions afterwards.

    Wayne introduced Mike McGregor to the group, and Mike told us about how he got started with bees & built up his operation  to being a commercial Beekeeper, selling at Roslyn and Wenatchees farmers markets, and also doing pollination for the Almonds in California, He is currently setting  up to produce Mead.  ( Wayne also mentioned  if anyone is interested in doing a mead class this year please get in touch.)  he answered questions and we drew the meeting to a close,

    The Next Bee Chat will be on 11/08 at El Agave , 800 N Wenatchee Ave. 

    Next business & Education meeting 11/18 5pm  at Douglas Co. Fire Dept.

    December Chat; TBA

    Business & Education meeting; CANCELLED

    I Apologize and  will get last months minutes up ASAP. I am sorry for the delay.  Teri.

  • Monday, September 17, 2018 11:29 AM | Anonymous

    Present .Wayne Ranne , Kristen Taylor, Daryn Klinginsmith, Teri McGarr.

    Wayne opened the meeting .

    he explained hed like to start doing the Education section of the meeting up front,  then get down to business. 

    Kristen took the floor  to tell us about the trip she took to Boise  to the apiculture soc. 

    there were around 150 people attending the seminar and next year it will be held in Oregon.

    Randy Oliver had spoken at the conference about an article  hed written, 

    Wayne says he has a recipe using apple cider vinegar  for bee health, that he will share.

    Glenn Copeland took to the floor to discuss the website and new ideas.

    Wayne discussed  the possibility of using a separate email address for members wanting to sell things. 

    Daryn gave the treasurers report, and mentioned we  get 2-3 new members  a month. 

    Wayne passed a paper around asking  people to volunteer for an IT group.

    Walt Kursave took the floor to discuss  the slots still needing filled for the fair. 

    Wayne has volunteered his observation hive for the fair. 

    The club needs to buy a microphone for our presentations,  Al moved we should go ahead and buy it, and the motion was passed.

    we also discussed the possibility of buying our own camera as a club, Glenn said hed look into this. 

    Upcoming dates,

    Sept 6-9  The Chelan Co. Fair

    Sept. 23 Biz/Ed monthly meeting

    Oct 11 El Porto for  Bee Chat

    Oct.21 Biz /Ed monthly meeting.

    I'd like to take a moment to give you all My Sincere apologies for the tardiness of these minutes. and to  thank you for being patient. Teri.

  • Monday, July 23, 2018 1:00 PM | Anonymous

    Board members present. Krisin Taylor ( Vice  President) , Daryn Klinginsmith, (Treasurer), Teri McGarr, (Secretary)

    Members in attendance 19.

    Kristin opened the meeting giving dates for events which were as follows: 

    August 4 - Annual Potluck/BBQ @ Walla Walla Point Park, stand #2, 5-9pm.

    Aug 19-next Business & Education meeting.

    Sept 6-9 Chelan Co. Fair

    Sept 16 Business & Education meeting

     Oct 4 Bee chat 

    Oct 21 Business & Education

    for more information on any dates or events please contact the following people,

     The Fair- Walter Kursave

    Pot luck/BBQ Lee McGarr & Patti Egglestone

    Mentoring - Daryn Klinginsmith.

    Farmers Market- Kristin Taylor,

    Daryn took the floor and read the treasurers report, as of last month we had 5 new members, he encouraged members to attend bee chats.

     In our 3 accounts (checking , saving and paypal) we have $4751.78, $1132.06 and $19.12. he discussed starting a mentorship program, as hes had several people contact him looking for help. we discussed the best way to start one. 

    Lee talked about the potluck which is coming up quickly. he said Patti will be bringing a Traeger grill and we may buy a grill aswell.

    Kristin asked if anyone was interested in doing the farmers market in Levenworth, there seems to be some differing  versions of conversations with different people who are in charge of the farmers market, seemingly you can sell your honey there , apparently there are discrepancies as to  wether it costs to do so.

    Walt discussed the fair & how many slots he has left,  He still could use some help both with time slots and with setting up and taking down our display.

    Al spoke briefly to answer a few questions about honey and about mites and the best times to treat.

    Craig Genereux how he treats for mites in August using Oxalic acid.

    Peter Hill took the floor and told us about his and  Steve Olsens trip to WSU to do the queen rearing class , Chris had a prior engagement and sent his apologies.  peter covered quite a bit of material on the class, including artificial insemination of the queen, grafting, and he brought a sample of empty cells he had produced, he showed us a special frame for queen rearing and a special bpoard called a Cloake board.

    we also discussed banking queens and the possibility of a group within the club producing queens for the club.

    Al says he will have some year old queens  available possibly this week if anyone needs one please contact him through Googlegroup.

  • Monday, June 25, 2018 2:14 PM | Anonymous

    Members present: 30.

    Board members present . Daryn Klinginsmith. (Treasurer) Teri McGarr(secretary) 

    Al Zaleweski gave a very informative program on the control of varroa mites."Control varroa or buy bees" this will be posted as a link and will be able to be seen on you tube soon.

    Vern videoed the whole Education part of the meeting , well Done to Vern.

    afterwards Daryn took the front and gave the treasurers report; $4,600 in checking account, $1132 in the Education fund, and $67. in new memberships this month. we have had 3 new members this month.

    We discussed having a Temporary president & Vice President, and asked if there were any volunteers for vice president, Kristin Taylor raised her hand, she was the only hand raised and was voted in, we then asked for president , Wayne Ranne raised his hand , and was voted in.

    we have a guest coming next month from the state legislature.Wayne asked if we use club funds to pay people to come and speak.Pete Hill mentioned that the people he'd spoken to as WSU at the queen rearing class had said that they didn't have a budget for  travel and overnight  accommodation etc.  maybe we would be willing to pay travel expenses for someone to come talk to us.

    Al and Stan Peak, both felt it would be a good idea to invite the public to sit in  on a meeting, maybe do it in a public place, and Daryn suggested the new Pybus conference room.

    Alice had queried the idea of letting the public sit in on meetings, as she felt it wouldn't be right that members are paying dues and the public wouldn't be. 

    we had a discussion about the possibility of starting a Queen bank within the club, 

    Steve and Pete will tell us about their trip to the Queen rearing class, next month, it sounds like they learned a lot and had a good time too.

    Walt Kursave is heading the Chelan co. Fair this year and he asked if anyone had received his Emails as he'd had little to no response. Please, if you have a few hours to spare, contact Walt and sign up for the fair, its fun, &  its easy ,Walt will get passes for whoever signs up to help out. this will be our ( Lee and I) 3rd year , we enjoy it every time.get out  there and tell folks about the Bees!!!

    Wayne suggested we make a plan out for next year for the fair. and decide if we want to do it or not.

    all in all it was a good meeting, some great ideas came forward, and it was great to see so many there.  

    lets go forward as a club and make these great ideas happen!!!

    our next bee chat is TBA. 

    next monthly meeting is 22 July at Douglas Fire Dept. 5pm

    our Annual pot luck is Aug 4th 5pm -9pm at Walla Walla  park , shelter #2

    Lee McGarr would like to hear if you are coming  so he can get food and drink organized.

    any amendments please let me know. 

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