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Minutes of March 18th meeting.

Sunday, March 18, 2018 5:00 PM | Anonymous

Jeff asked that the minutes be read from the last meeting which I did.

Jeff then had everyone introduce themselves as there were a few new faces. there were 28 members in attendance.

motion was made to read minutes.

Daryn then read the treasurers report, having gone over the books and put it all onto "Quicken"  he says there is $1131.  in the Education fund and $3203 in the checking account.

Daryn also said that  from now on he will be using a receipt book for all cash or money transactions made by members.

There are 5 apprentice course books that have been paid for but not picked up.

a motion was approved to read the treasurers report.

The minutes from the Executive meeting that was  held last Thursday, were read by myself , (Teri McGarr)

corrections were made by Kriss  Crilly, as I had a date wrong .a motion was made to officially change the board members. 

Daryn is now Treasurer & Kriss is now Vice President.

 Jeff asked that volunteers fill some of the duties that Kriss has had ,as there were too many and it was getting a bit much for 1 person to do, now that there are so many members.

Chris Church will be in charge of swarms and swarm management

Kriss is going to continue to do the FB page & Craigslist.

she also says she doesn't mind taking deliveries of bees etc, but Steve Foley suggested asking about doing it elsewhere if  she wanted.

Peter Hill discussed plans for a field trip to  Yakima to check out Controlled Atmosphere Storage facility for bees, with Eric Olsen.

 and to meet with some people who have been studying wintering their hives and controlling the climate for better wintering.

he mentioned a central WA. bee group that it may be a good thing if we got affiliated with them.

The following people  now have  Duties.

Wayne Ranne has names and slots available and is in charge of the Chelan Earth day. Stan Peak is in charge of equipment hauling, co-chairing will be Kristen Taylor and Jeff O'Brien.

Lee McGarr will be in charge of the annual potluck BBQ, which is to be at Walla Walla park shelter #2 July 12 at 5pm, He will be sending out an E-mail giving details.

Steve Foley talked about the apprentice course said hed be working on getting the Journeymans  course going .he also said we have around 35 new apprentices.

Kriss said Al Z would be looking into  speakers for the pollinators symposium this year.

Daryn asked to put it to a vote of the members about his & Kriss swapping roles.  it was voted on and approved.  

No Old business.

New business:

it was suggested that we have a Po box for all  club mailings ,

Kriss felt that the bank statements should be sent to Daryn as treasurer, Daryn felt that someone else on the board should get a duplicate of the statement.  he also supported the idea of a Po Box.

Chris Church said he felt that this should go into  the by laws.

there was a motion it was seconded, by several members,  Chris suggested each officer should have a key, it was voted on and  all agreed.

It was discussed about a central storage space for all the clubs equipment,  

Kriss discussed what club equipment she had at her house. 

Jeff asked that everyone who has equipment let him know what they have, so he can make a list .

by Laws needing amended were discussed, 

a suggestion was made about forming a committee for studying and reviewing the bylaws, Alice Crawford  said it was her view that EVERYONE should be making themselves familiar with them.

Kriss asked Karen at the Chelan county fair, about giving out honey sticks,  and was told not to hand them out on Kids day, she will check out the ruling. although members  have agreed they do not want to buy them and give them away, or sell them.

no other business, 

 Education hour  saw Stan and Chris show us  the installation of a Nuc or  package of bees for newbees.

Grants for the Queen rearing and bee breeding workshop  at WSU. have been awarded to:

Peter Hill, Kristen Taylor (full) Steve Olsen (partial) total grant money awarded $650.

I apologize if anything was missed off . all corrections gladly received. 

Teri McGarr.

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