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Meeting Minutes October 15, 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017 11:10 AM | Jeff Hampton (Administrator)

NCW Beekeepers Meeting

October 15, 2017


November 18 Mead Class See email from Jeff for detailsNovember 19 Business/Education meeting 5 p.m. Douglas County Fire Station

December No Bee Chat

December 17 Business/Education meeting, 5 p.m. fire station

Educational Video – Randy Oliver: Reading the Combs

Bees need 3 things: a dry home, flowers, and parasite control

Look for recruitment (brood and new bees) vs. attrition (bees dying); aim to increase recruitment and decrease attrition. Peak number/s relates to nectar flow and availability of pollen. Hive inspection should examine interface between brood and honey store. Young brood pheromone stimulates foraging for pollen. “Wet” brood, with plenty of jelly in cells, indicates good nutrition. Lack of this pheromone, or 8-10 frames filled suggests no more brood space and stimulates formation of queen/swarm cells. Production of white wax indicates need for more honey storage space; add a super. Bees can carry varroa mites 2 miles, so be considerate of neighboring beekeepers and keep mites under control in your hives.  With first frost bees go into survival mode until spring pollen starts.Randy’s website is recommended. Discussion: Shop towel method under review for official approval. Fogging of oxalic acid can be done with water as long as temperature is warm enough to keep oxalic acid dissolved. Alternatively it can be done with part or entirely alcohol, but bees clearly do not like alcohol. Pollen/protein patties (Mann Lake’s recommended) can be used in August and February. Treasurer Report Kriss is on vacation

Old Business

Bulk equipment order has gone in and is being assembled for shipping. Wayne will notifybuyers when delivery date is certain.

Mead class will require minimum of 20 participants to make it practical. See Jeff H.’s email for


Additions and corrections cheerfully accepted.

Alice Crawford

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