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Meeting Minutes September 17, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017 3:30 PM | Jeff Hampton (Administrator)


October 5 Bee Chat 6 p.m. Milepost 111

October 15 Business/Education meeting 5 p.m. Douglas County Fire Station

November 19 Business/Education meeting 5 p.m. Douglas County Fire Station

November 18 Mead Class 

December No Bee Chat

December 17 Business/Education meeting, 5 p.m. fire station

Educational Panel

Kristin reported on Randy Oliver’s presentation in Everett. Bees need a dry space, nectar, pollen, and mite control… only. He’s trying to breed mite-resistant bees. Brood should be swimming in jelly; if dry, they need pollen. He treats for mites with shop towel system in April, July, September and December (in southern California). See Kristin’s email for more detail. See Randy’s website “Scientific Beekeeping” for lots more.

Stan led a panel of Chris, Craig, Felix and Wayne on preparations for winter. There is wide variety of systems, but general agreement that mite control, adequate food, ventilation sufficient to keep the hive dry, and insulation for hives in exposed locations are required. It was noted that super frames containing some honey and some nectar can be stored in a freezer over the winter, then replaced in the super the following year. Insulation can raise the temperature in the hive during the day enough to cause bees to break up their ball. It was noted that honey is a considerable heat sink. There was suggestion that not insulating over the winter was followed by stronger hives in the spring.

Treasurer Report Checking account $2755.86 Savings Account $1130.39

Old Business

County fair went very well; Kriss got a big hand

Bulk equipment order will go out next week. Get orders in to Wayne Ranne.

Additions and corrections cheerfully accepted.

Alice Crawford

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