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Meeting Minutes, July16, 2017

Sunday, July 16, 2017 9:03 PM | Jeff Hampton (Administrator)

NCW Beekeepers Meeting

July 16, 2017


August 10 Bee Chat 6 p.m. El Agave

August 20 Business/Education meeting 5 p.m. Douglas County Fire Dept.

September 7-10 Chelan County Fair, a few signups still needed

Educational Presentation

Control of Varroa Mites – Al Zalewski

Expectation that bees will develop resistance to varroa is upset by interbreeding with pollinator and native bees.

Powdered sugar to encourage removal of mites by grooming is not recommended by WSU.

Apivar strips must be left in for 45 days to cover brood and mite cycles, cannot be used with super, need temperature 50-90o, resistance develops slowly but miticides should be rotated.

HopGard II is expensive, very messy, but strips do not have to be removed, and can be used with supers on… although there is some concern about this.

Several other less effective materials were mentioned briefly.

Formic acid, commonly used in Canada, is inexpensive and works on capped brood, but can kill queen and brood if used at too high temperature.

Oxalic acid is probably preferred treatment now. It doesn’t kill in capped brood so must be repeated at 3-5 day intervals x3. Homemade vaporizers can heat too fast/hot and produce formic acid. Al showed several expensive but effective alternatives to vaporizers. A respirator with an acid cartridge is recommended as is a bee suit. Early morning when all bees are in the hive is recommended. The “blue towel method,” with oxalic acid + glycerine on a towel placed between the brood boxes looks promising. The towel can be left in. thus getting both brood and mite cycles, and the bees will eventually destroy it.

Al strongly recommends treating about August 1, then again in December (brood break) if there is adequate temperature.

Old Business

The hive at WV College was re-queened after a slow start and is now doing well.

Reports Treasury: savings $1130.26, checking $3230.96

New Business

Leavenworth Farmers Market: Kristin and Imelka are in charge of our booth. Markets are Thursdays 4-8. We will start July 20 and participate every two weeks. 2-3 volunteers are needed in addition to those wanting to sell honey.

Wayne is planning another bulk equipment order from Western Bee. More information will be available on the website.

No bee chat in September – it’s fair time.

An observation hive is needed for the fair for Friday and Saturday.

A gift basket for the Douglas County Fire Department was approved.

Additions and corrections cheerfully accepted.

Alice Crawford

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