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Meeting Minutes, September 18th, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016 8:57 AM | NCWBA Board (Administrator)

NCW Beekeepers Meeting Minutes for September18, 2016

Upcoming Events Calendar

Oct. 5 Bee chat 6 p.m., El Agave

Oct. 16 Business/education meeting, 5 p.m. PUD auditorium – honey tasting: bring samples and toothpicks

Nov. 12 Mead class – $100 cleaning charge, information on charge for kits, etc. TBA


Treasurer: Checking account $1586.14; education/outreach (savings) account $1128.49

Old Business

Leavenworth Farmers Market did several hundred dollars worth of honey each time

Bulk equipment order: Wayne will see if supplier can provide jars at a good price, send out email order form with costs of all items. Order to be completed soon, exact date depending on transportation.

Website needs work and should include swarm information. (Fewer swarms than usual this year.)

New Business

A suggestion was made that a committee of experienced beekeepers be formed for mentoring new beekeepers. This would be a service opportunity for journeyman candidates.

There will probably be an apprentice class in March. There are currently changes in the certifying organization, so the details of this class are currently in flux.

Educational Program panel moderated by Al Zalewski, included Emilka Furmanczyk, Craig Genereux, Steve Olsen, and Deb Stansbery. Seasonal topics will be considered.

Timing of honey removal: All agreed that harvest should end sometime in August to allow varroa control and feeding to build up honey stores.

Pest control considered mainly varroa. Apivar, HopGard and oxalic acid are all being used, frequently in rotation to prevent resistance (although so far resistance has not been reported with oxalic acid). Deb uses no chemicals but increases hive humidity to control mites. Keeping track of mite number and treating before infestation peaks was stressed.   Counts can be made using a sprayed bottom board or with alcohol sacrifice of bees (can send to WSU for report of varroa count plus other diseases.

Wax moths continue to be a manageable problem, and a few hive beetles have been seen.

Show of hands indicated strong support for continuing this kind of program. Al will continue to organize a variety of members and topics in future meetings. Members interested in being on the panel in the future should talk with Al.

Additions and corrections cheerfully accepted.

Alice Crawford

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