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Meeting Minutes, March 20th, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016 8:53 AM | NCWBA Board (Administrator)

Upcoming Events:

March 25th: Deadline for ordering packages and nucs

April 4th: Journeyman meeting for tests #3-5, Wok About Grill, 6pm.

April 14th: Bee Chat at South in Pybus Market, 6pm

April 16th: Chelan Earth Day, all day, Wayne Ranne to coordinate. A few more helpers would be welcome!

April 24th: Leavenworth Earth Day, noon to 4 p.m., Lions Park, Deborah Stansbury to coordinate, more details to come via email

Mid April – Probable date for bee package delivery

May 12th: Tentative Bee Chat at Milepost 111 in Cashmere, 6pm

June 17-18th: WSU beekeeping short course in Pullman, WA

June 19th: WSU queen rearing course in Pullman, WA

July 9th: Bee/pollinator seminar led by WSU graduate students, location Chelan County PUD Auditorium in Wenatchee

The meeting started with a presentation from the Wenatchee High School FFA “Issues” team. They are exploring issues around urban beekeeping and need to give some presentations of many sides of the issues to various community groups this year. After their presentation, we had some Q&A with the panel.

We approved last month’s minutes as written/posted. Motion by Mike Schenck, second by Bryan Keppler, unanimous approval.

The treasurer report listed the following current accounts and expenses:

Savings Account:  $1582.28

Checking Account:  $2456.29

Left to deposit: $312

Feb. 21    Beecome 16 . . .  . $254 for Alix Whitener

March 1 Secretary of State  $30    We are now a non-profit

March 1    Commercial Printing   $37.98   for 10 Apprentice Booklets

March 2    Commercial Printing    $47.64   for 250 Swarm Postcards

March 5    Amazon – Bee Books   $170

March 6    Full body mannequin    $55

March 6    Chelan Earth Day Booth   $15

March 10    WASBA  membership  $91

Additional for about $70 to pay for some of the mead class supplies, and $50 for stamps, copies, and other business expenses.

Many thanks to Janice Ranne for some delightful snacks this month!

Old Business:

There was a brief reminder to get paperwork in for package/nuc orders ASAP. Deadline is the 25th, and supplies may be limited. Providers are running low on bees, but there are still some available for our club. We have around 100 packages/nucs ordered so far.

There was also a brief reminder to register your hives with the state Dept of Ag. That registration deadline is coming up quickly. Funds generated go to WSU for nosema research.

The apprentice class is now complete, and had about 16 students work through the class. There is a good group of new beekeepers in the club, so be sure to introduce yourself to them.

The July 9th seminar day is gathering some structure. Alix is the one organizing it from the WSU side. Looks like some students will take a van out from WSU for the weekend. The PUD auditorium is reserved for setup on the 8th and all day on the 9th. There will be a pot luck afterwards. The event will be open to the public, and likely free of charge thanks to our education/outreach funds. If you are interested in helping, Alix and Kriss could use a few folks to help with planning, setup, and cleanup.

Peter Hill reported additional consideration of coordinating with the WSU Tree Fruit Research Center in many ways. With some similar goals between the club and WSU, there may be some opportunities for a more permanent demonstration apiary, instruction, equipment storage, public outreach, Master Gardeners interaction, etc. Peter and a few others will continue to push forward to figure out where the club and WSU can work together in the future. If you are interested in helping, contact Peter.

New Business:

Steve Olsen agreed to coordinate a new beekeeper hour of Q&A and maybe some general topics. Details of how/when this will work will follow as we coordinate with the Journeyman group and new beekeepers.

Leavenworth Farmers Market is looking to have the NCWBA staff a booth and/or sell honey at some of their 2016 markets (Thursday nights, 4-8pm). Some members of the club expressed interest in staffing a booth and selling their individual jars of honey. We will need to has out some of the details with the market staff before it starts in June. Steve Foley will be taking point on this, so contact him if you are interested in being involved.

The officers of the club have been kicking around the idea of leveraging some online website services to bring the club management into one place. Member lists, emails, web information, forums, documentation, etc. are currently spread out in many systems. Growth in the club is straining the processes from a few years ago, and the officers would like to see the club be easier to manage and easier for the members to interact with it and each other online as desired. There seemed significant interest among the membership in having the officers test out some systems and present a potential solution at a future meeting. Cost for web services would likely be in the $20/mo range, but hasnt been determined solidly yet.

For the good of the order:

Wayne Ranne gave a brief recap of the WSBA-announced webinar with Dr Mark Winston hosted online by the Mount Baker Beekeepers Association on March 16th.

Wayne expressed thanks to Steve Olsen, Beth Hammerberg, and the Schencks for making the bulk equipment order of over $3000 and 1800 lbs happen so smoothly. They are all very happy with the quality and price of what we received. There are loose plans to make another order in the fall, so keep track of what you might want throughout the season, and we can organize again later in the year.

Additions and corrections cheerfully accepted.

Steve Foley

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