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Meeting Minutes, March 22, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015 8:50 AM | NCWBA Board (Administrator)

NCWBA Biz/ED Meeting
Business & Education
March 22, 2015
Chelan PUD 5 pm

In Attendance: James & Kriss, Al & Carol, Justin, John, Wayne & Janice, Stewart, Todd, Jeff, Craig, John F. Chris, Rich & Kristen, Alice, Jana, Mike, Peter S., Tandy, Jenny, Jessica, Emilka, Brett & Gerri, Andrea, Daryn, Peter H., Deb. Wayne moderated the meeting in the absence of Steve Foley, club president.


BEE Biz/Ed meeting (PUD BLDG), April 26, 2015 at 5PM with beginner beekeepers/any members with questions meeting at 4:30pm;
BEE CHAT: April 9, 6pm at El Agavé
CHELAN EARTH DAY: April 18, 9am – 4pm Riverfront Park
LEAVENWORTH EARTH DAY: April 19, 12 noon – 4pm Lion’s Club Park

BEE PICKUPS: The following dates are estimates. Al will provide the final dates when he has them.
Sunrise: April 3 or 4
Outdoor Bees: around April 18
Shafer’s: TBD, around the 3rd weekend of April

Old Business:

Members decided that the BEE CHAT will remain at El Agavé Restaurant for the April 9th BEE CHAT. Kriss will check on other locations with no charge meeting rooms.

Jessica and Emilka conducted a hive building session on 21 March using commercial components; several members participated.

Deb brought delicious honey-peanut butter treats.

Before each Biz/Ed meeting, volunteers will be available at 4:30pm to 5:00pm to answer questions from new beekeepers. For future Biz Ed, members suggested that demonstrations and education include the best times and preparation needed for different seasons and phases of beekeeping. Al volunteered to demonstrate making candy boards and hive handles. He also suggested a discussion on the costs of beekeeping. Kriss reported that the honey extractor is available for 2-day rental for $25 and includes use of associated tools.

Emilka suggested a June barbeque for educational demonstrations. Kriss reported that she hoped to organize a July barbeque to include a guest speaker from the WSU agriculture department.

Bee Suppliers: Al reported that only 2 bee suppliers are now available: Outdoor Bees and Shafer’s. Jeff O’Brien reported that he will bring the Sunrise bees from Yakima to the Crilly’s house on April 3 or 4. Outdoor Bees (Ruben) will deliver his nucs on about April 18, at the north end of town in the parking lot near Gateway Theater. Shafer’s will soon report their time of bee delivery.

Wenatchee city ordinance progress: Daryn reported that while the city of Wenatchee is determined to create an ordinance regarding beekeeping within city limits this year, he and Peter H. continue to do all the work of researching other city and community ordinances for Wenatchee, in order to present a potential ordinance model to the city. Leavenworth does not allow beekeeping within the city limits; Cashmere would like the club’s assistance in ordinance preparation; the Master Gardeners are interested in helping with research; Rep. Hawkins suggested the WA state council of cities might provide some models. Daryn and Peter welcome others to help. Call Daryn. Hives need to be registered with the state WSDA by April 1, 2015. The cost of registering is nominal.

Logo items: Kriss passed around the baseball-style hat displaying the agreed upon logo. The logo can be placed on different hat styles and different shirt styles, such as t-shirts and polo shirts. Members can go to GPA Embroidery at 22 N. Wenatchee Ave. to purchase logo items, pricing dependent on the style of hat or shirt chosen.

Treasurer’s report: GPA Embroidery charged $95 to set up the logo for the hats and shirts. Kriss will order shirts for sale at events. Members have ordered 150 nucs and packages of bees, with a few more orders placed at the end of the meeting. Some members wrote checks to the NCWBA rather than to the individual bee providers so those checks had to be processed through the bank account. The club currently has $1200 in the bank. Because the Apprentice class for this year was full but new members still wanted the information, Kriss and Steve will order a box of the Apprentice booklets and sell them for $10 each.

Volunteers are urgently needed to attend the booth at the Chelan (April 18) and Leavenworth (April 19) Earth Days. Wayne volunteered for the Leavenworth event. Please volunteer to come and sit with the posters and handouts. Call Kriss or Steve.

New Business:

The club needs to purchase a sun shade for use in outdoor outreach events. Kriss reported that the Chelan Earth Day committee has specific requirements for the size of the sun shade and for safely securing the shade to avoid movement on windy days. Deb said the shade can be secured with cement blocks, 5 gallon cans of water, and pvc pipe filled with cement, for example. The club also needs to purchase a folding plastic table for use at the events. A vote was taken and the two purchases were approved.

Chelan County Fair: The fair takes place the weekend after Labor Day and the club will set up a presentation table in the Wilkins BLDG., Thursday through Sunday. There is an open class available for fair entries of honey, honey comb, and frames. Kriss asked for photographs such as pollinator photos for use on posters. Steve will present an Introduction to Beekeeping Class on the Sunday afternoon at the fair. There will be a honey extraction demonstration. Volunteers are needed for each of the days.

Swarms: Felix reported that when he has a list of volunteers to collect swarms, he starts with the first person on the list and continues down the list until he finds someone who is available, when he is not able to do the collection. Call him to get on the list and pair up with experienced swarm collectors.

Snack for the April 26 Biz/Ed meeting: Wayne and Janice

Al suggested that it would be interesting and informative to create a chart of beehive losses to include the time of year, location (city), suspected reasons for loss.

Education: Felix provided a detailed talk on the background of swarms, including the reason they occur, the time of year they typically occur, and the typical composition of a swarm. He also commented on the appearance of swarms, swarm behavior, and various locations where they organize. Swarm bees are heavily laden with honey and pollen that they have taken from their hive; as a result the swarms are usually docile unless abused. The presentation included information on hive management to avoid swarming and ways to capture a swarm, with a number of personal capture examples.

The March Biz/ED Meeting was completed at 6pm and Felix’s Swarm Presentation was completed at 7pm.

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