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Meeting Minutes, January 19, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014 8:37 AM | NCWBA Board (Administrator)

North Central Washington Beekeepers Association

2014 Annual Meeting + Business/Education
January 19th @ 5pm
Chelan County PUD

In Attendance: James & Kriss, Kelly & Jemma, Amy, Naomi, Jessica, Carrie & Mike, Tandy & Jerry, Bill & Heidi O’Brien, Felix, Dylan, Mark, Craig, Andy, Jeff, Stan & Jane, Maria

 Dates for February:

  • Next Bee Chat scheduled for February 13th @ 6pm @ El Agave
  • Next meeting scheduled for February 23rd @ 5pm @ Chelan County PUD

Dates for March:

  • Bee Chat: March 6th @6pm El Agave
  • Business/Educational Meeting: March 16th @5pm Chelan County PUD (not reserved yet)

Bylaws-approved by verbal voting

Officers-approved by verbal voting

2014 Officers:

  • President-Steve Foley
  • Vice President-Maria Langer
  • Secretary-Amy Cummings
  • Treasurer-Kriss Crilly

Master Beekeeping Class (Apprenticeship Level) starting soon: contact Steve Foley

Need to order bees by March-Steve has a source-cost is around

$100/3 lb. pkg. $130/nuc

Discussed types of bees-Causcasions, Russians, Italians, Carnolions

Felix recommended- Beekeepers Handbook

Once Steve has a set price on the bees, he’ll put together an order form. Forms will be available through website, chat, and meetings, etc.

Coastal Farm and Ranch has Italians available for $109/pkg or $139/nuc

Talked about sharing resources:

Books, DVD’s, etc. If you have books, etc. that you’d be willing to share, send them to Maria so she can post them on the website.

One hope for the club in the future is to purchase equipment that can be shared.

“Backyard Beekeepers” and “Beekeeping for Dummies” were mentioned.

WSU beekeeping class-sometime in June in Pullman, will be announced once known.

Business adjourned @ 5:55pm

EDUCATION: Equipment

Check various catalogs/internet sites, etc.

Discussion Points- Boxes, Frames, Cell Size, Deeps vs. Mediums

9 vs. 10 frames in a 10 frame box, keeping frames in order, Bottom Board, Drone Frame, Feeders, Top Covers, Inner Covers, Queen Excluder, Mite Grid (Sticky Board), Veil, Suit/Jacket, Hive Tools, Smoker, Bee Brush, Frame Grabber, Sifter/Mesh strainer, Frame Holder, Hive Stand

Amy Cummings, Secretary

NORTH CENTRAL WASHINGTON BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION Is a registered Washington State Non-Proift. UBI 603594512

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