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  • Saturday, December 28, 2019 3:17 PM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

    Minutes of Monthly Business /Education Meeting . December 15th 2019

    Board members Present: Kristen Taylor, (Acting President ) Lee Maden, (Vice President) Peter Hill (Treasurer) Teri McGarr. (Secretary)

    Kristen opened the meeting 18 people were present .

    Next Bee chat 9th Jan LTBA

    Next Meeting 19th at Easy St. Fire station.

    A Motion was called to Authorize payment to Jeff for Paying for the website . (which was temorarily closed down for several days, Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.)Motion was approved.

    A Motion was called to continue to pay $20. per month to the Chelan Co. Firehall for the use of the Easy St. facility. Motion was approved.

    Al Zalweski made a motion to table the google group cancellation. After a group discussion about why it was being cancelled.

    New member Derek Dunbar suggested a private Facebook group that is members only, to replace Google group.

    This is easily added to our existing Facebook .

    Teri suggested a Tech Committee to help teach how to use the website to its potential,

    would anyone be interested?

    Al did a Power point Presentation on Oxalic Acid Dribble Method.

    We had a good turn out of people who brought their Honey, and we had a good gathering after the meeting for tasting honey.

    We have our Elections next month, and so far no one has come forward to take over as Treasurer or Vice President. If you have any suggestions or would like to put your name forward, please contact a Board member.

    My Apologies for the late Minutes .

    Teri McGarr Secretary. NCWBA

  • Monday, November 18, 2019 12:47 PM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)


    Minutes of Monthly Business /Education Meeting .

    November 17th 2019

    Board members Present:Kristen Taylor, (Acting President ) Lee Maden, (Vice President) Teri McGarr. (Secretary)

    Kristen opened the meeting around 19 or 20 people were present . Including 4 prospective members.

    Thiago Moraes, Craig Dunning and Al Zellewski did an interesting presentation on one of the ways to raise Queens that they have had quite successful results with. Their goal is to be able to have enough Queens that they will be able to provide club members with Queens if needed.

    In Business.

    Board Member positions are up for renewal ,

    Kristen And Peter will be stepping down in January.

    Please submit your nominations for board members to any board member.

    Our By Laws are also up for changes. Please go to our website for the proposal,

    and read them . We will be discussing them again in January and voting on them at that time.

    Dues are up for renewal, and must be paid by Jan 21st.

    Bee Chat will be Dec 12. Location to be announced.

    Next meeting Dec 15. at Chelan co. Firehouse, 206 Easy St. Wenatchee.

    Jeff Hampton will be doing a mead class . Date to be Announced.

    Steve Foley will be doing The Apprentice Beekeeper class March 7th, 14 th and 21st 9AM-1PM

    In the Henry Bldg. 120 Cottage Ave. Cashmere. .

    The book is available to print off the website free at

    Teri McGarr

    Secretary NCWBA

  • Monday, November 18, 2019 12:45 PM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

    There was no regular meeting in October.

    Instead we had a social event, minutes were not taken.

    Teri McGarr.

    Secretary. NCWBA

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2019 1:18 PM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

     Minutes of Meeting of 09/15/2019

    Board Members present : Kristin Taylor, Lee Maden, Teri McGarr


    Kristen opened the meeting by saying that we will no longer be using the Douglas Co. Firehall for our meetings after Oct 1st.

    We are looking for somewhere else to meet .and may use the Chelan Co. Firehall on Easy St.

    Kristen spoke to Steve during the week, who will be doing his regular Apprentice class in March.

    We will be giving more information on that soon.

    We also have a mead class coming up possibly in January.

    We will have more details of that also.

    Education :

    Lee Maden, Walt Kursave, & Lee McGarr  told how they prepare for fall & winter. Discussing  various methods including what NOT to do. to get your hives through the winter.

    Bee Chat. Oct 10  VENUE TBA

    Next Meeting Oct 20th VENUE TBA

    Teri A. McGarr

    Secretary. NCWBA.

  • Wednesday, August 21, 2019 5:44 PM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

    Minutes of  NCWBA meeting August 18th 2019

    Board Members Present : Kristen Taylor, Lee Maden, Teri McGarr,  Peter Hill

    Dates  Bee Cha:t Sept 12  place TBA

    Next BIZ ED: Sept 15th  Douglas co. Firehall.

    Kristen opened the meeting .

    We are still trying to approve  a budget, 

    Our By laws committee and  Board advisory team is  awaiting replies to emails sent out ,

    Lee Maden our new vice president, explained that  it is very  important that  people read through the by laws  and let him know if you have any suggestions for them.,


     Kristen has contacted several places about storage units the one next to the Post Office on Maple st is wanting $69. a month for a 5x10 lock up. a Bit steep.


     Vern said he and Julie had taken inventory on Sunday.

    Once we get a lock up sorted out it will be transferred there. And we will assign caretakers.

    The Books belonging to the clubare at my house,  The extractor  will eventually be with me also.

    I will take an inventory of the books this week.
    We need a team for education  Vern is interested, as were several other members.


    Kristen also mentioned she had sent out an email asking what people would like to see happenning  education wise, but has not had any replies yet.We need to know !!

    Peter discussed the revolving savings account.

    Our Education Panel was Craig Genereux, Lee McGarr and Walt Kursave, who discussed their  various mite programs. 

    I don’t mind saying this was a fun informative meeting,  there was plenty of participation from all who attended,

    Teri. A. McGarr.


  • Monday, June 24, 2019 10:43 AM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

    Board members in attendance: Kristen Taylor,  Teri McGarr,  Daryn Klinginsmith 

    Steve Foley attended and  we had a  good discussion on  swarms, and everything swarming ,  It was nice to see Steve as hes an excellent speaker and teacher.

    We  badly need to update our swarm list, if you are interested in being on the swarm team ,please contact Kristen. 

    Andy Kahn, Craig Genereux and Darren (whos buddy is Peter Hill and wasn't present ) talked about  the Bee Buddies, and why it is a good idea to have a buddy to help out when needed. 

    they encourage anyone to buddy up, 

    Daryn & Peter  help each other out when needed, Craig and Andy work more as a team. it was an interesting chat. 

     For the Business  meeting   the following  were discussed.

    Erin O'Rourke   from WSU  bee lab will be here in july for our meeting and to test hives for the lab.  she will be testing different areas of the Valley. 

    Beginner Beekeepers Class 3, 4, !0th Aug,  Please contact Al for details.

    N.W.District Beekeepers  conference will be held  Sept 21st,  from 9-5  Kristen went last year and says it was very good, contact

    The  Annual BBQ is planned for Aug !0th at Rocky Reach, Upper Stand , Please bring a pot luck item,  there is a lovely play area right there so bring the kids! we'll be having beef and chicken,  we supply everything you just bring yourself , your drinks and an item to share if you wish. 

    Caden Eagles  Apiary visit went well, we had a good turnout and I think we all benefitted from it.  we are looking for volunteers for the next ones.  

    Lee shared  one of the observation hives he is currently building,  they will be on permenant loan to the club, anyone who needs them can use them,  they take 5 frames below and one above, you supply the bees!  

    Next Bee Chat July  11th Mai Lee Thai . East Wenatchee.  6pm. 

  • Monday, May 20, 2019 1:44 PM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)
    Board Members present. Kristen Taylor, Peter Hill, Teri McGarr. Kristen opened the meeting and explained for anyone who did not know that Wayne had resigned as president. She asked for The Secretaries report which I did not have with me, Peter gave his Treasurers report. $6766.48 in checking and $933.68 in savings. Al was delayed, so we discussed club business and news. we are going to do apiary visits again, if anyone is interested please let Kristen know and we will get some visits scheduled. Our next meeting falls on Fathers day so we will meet the following Sunday which is the 23 of June. at 5pm at the Fire hall We are in the planning stages of our Annual BBQ / potluck, so be thinking of your best dish to share!!! we had a good turnout last year, lets see if we can do it again!! Craig suggested dropping our membership prices next year. Lee Maden suggested we we need to overhaul our By Laws. Glen took the floor and we discussed mites, as there had been a lot of Questions in Google group lately. and we answered questions for the newer members until Al arrived and presented his program. Next Bee Chat: June 13th at The Big Y ( Wild Huckleberry) in Peshastin.
  • Thursday, May 16, 2019 10:27 AM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

    Board members in attendance. Wayne Ranne, Kristen Taylor, Peter Hill, (&Daryn Klinginsmith), Teri McGarr.

    Wayne opened by having new members introduce themselves, 

    our Education this month was a Panel  discussing Frame rotation and box rotation amongst other things we do in the spring.  our Panel was Craig Genereux Andy Kahn, Lee McGarr & Craig Durning.

    Wayne took the floor , we discussed administrative issues, then went on to discuss his budget,  for Education and a webinar with guest speaker Randy Oliver.  we'd need a venue .it was decided we needed a Board Budget meeting .

    Savings account: $933.53

    Checking account: $6685.35

     Coming Events:...... 

    Bee Chat: May 16th, at Casa Tapatia, 1650 Grant Rd. East Wenatchee. 

    Biz/Ed : May 19th at Douglas Co. Firehall.  Eastmont, 

    I apologize for my posting late. Teri. 

  • Tuesday, April 09, 2019 12:17 PM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

    A Best Practices & Education monthly meeting of North Central Washington Beekeepers Assoc. 

    Was held on March 17th 2019. 

    And was Presided over by Wayne Ranne & Teri McGarr  as secretary 

    Board members in attendance were:   Kristen Taylor – Vice Chair  &Peter Hill – Treasurer 


    Craig Dunning   gave a talk on how package bees came to be a “Thing” and the pros and cons of packages and Nucs. 


    Thiago Moraes  gave a talk and a slide presentation on his set up and his first year of beekeeping. 


    We will be doing a Bee  colony census in April,  from Oct 1st   2018  to april 1st.2019 

    Covering the following: 

    Types of hives, types of bees 

    IS mite treatment used? Supplemental feeding yes/no? 

    Source of Colony ie, Package, nuc, swarm, split? Queens age, and source 

    General geographical location and Elevation. 

    Wayne will send out a  BPE To Do list for  Feb/Mar/Apr.  via  The Google group,  


    Our Master Gardener Joint Exhibit team is : 

    Lee Madden, Walter Kursave,Patti Egglestone,Alice Crawford,  &Amy Cummings 


     As of March 17th2019  CVB online Balances were  Checking: $6,259.90      

    and Savings:  $993.16 


    Please note**** our April BPE meeting will be held on 28th this month NOT 21st 

    Due to 21st being Easter sunday. 

     Bee chat is to be held on April 11th at 6pm at the Countryboys BBQ in Cashmere. 






  • Thursday, March 07, 2019 11:36 AM | Lee & Teri McGarr (Administrator)

    DATES:  Bee Chat, Thursday 14 March at Sweetwood BBQ.  Wenatchee. 6pm.  

    Next BPE Sunday March 17th 2019. Douglas Co. Firehall. 

    Bee Order Deadline March 27th.!! 


    31 people in attendance   and 2/3rds were new members. !! This is great!! 

    Wayne introduced his daughter Bridgette Ranne,  As guest speaker, she is a botanist with the forest service,  she gave us a very informative talk on  native forage , and what blooms when & where.  

    After a short break we discussed our mission as beekeepers in the NCWBA as we had so many new people attending.   

    Wayne discussed our Education program, and Peter & Daryns Pybus Event.  

    We have had word that the Journeymans course has been approved and Steve Foley will be doing a beginners Plus course for anyone  interested in that,  

    Wayne will send out an email when the plan is set, (probably the End of March) 

    We are going to do the first NCW colony census,  later on to assess  where and how many colonies survived the winter. 

     Al had a Question and Answer session for new keepers.  

    Wayne handed out previous years Beginners Certificates  That we were given the weekend of the Pacific NW Bee Conference.  

    I apologize for  The  monthly minutes being late,  


    Teri A McGarr 


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