North-Central Washington

 Beekeepers Association

Bylaws of the North Central Washington Beekeepers Association.


The name of this Association shall be, The North Central Washington Beekeepers Association. (herein NCWBA or Association). The Association is not for theprofit of any individual member. It is reserved that this Association may be incorporated within the Stateof Washington, and may apply for its Internal Revenue Service designation as a non profit organization.


The purpose of NCWBA is to assist its members, other interested members of the community, and the public at large with a continuing education in the art and science of beekeeping; specifically:

  • To assist its members and others interested in bees with their beekeeping problems;

  • To provide an opportunity to meet and discuss beekeeping issues; and

  • To cooperate with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, and other organizations deemed appropriate, to disseminate the latest information about beekeeping.



Membership in NCWBA is open to all persons in the community at large who are interested in bees and beekeeping, upon payment of annual dues. The membership year shall be from January 1 through to December 31st. New members joining after October 1st shall be considered paid members for the following calendar year. The members shall establish the amount of the annual dues by a majority vote of members present at the Annual Meeting.

  • Family Membership shall be $30. with a previso that only 3 votes count

  • Membership shall be $15.00, per individual.

  • Lifetime membership shall be $300.00 per individual

  • All Membership dues are non refundable.


Ex-Officio members may include, The Washington State Entomologist, Director of the Washington State Department Of Agriculture, Chief Apiary Inspector, and the County Agricultural extension agent. Ex-Officio members will pay no dues and have no have voting privileges.

SECTION III: Termination.

Any member may be terminated from NCWBA for inappropriate, illegal, unethical or unrepresentative behaviorby a two thirds majority vote of the members of the association after open discussion. The presenter of the motion must notify the board of intent 30 days before the motion is madeand whom is subject of the motion must be notified by the board,and begiven the opportunity to attend the meeting where the motion will be made. Said member will be allowed to give their side, personal bias must not be considered, facts only prior to any vote, if personal bias is suspected the motion becomes null & void.


The officers shall conduct the business affairs of NCWBA . All officers and members must represent themselves as individuals, not businesses, all Beekeeper to beekeeper commerce is expressly permitted.and all sales, trades, and barters are to be presented on the website within the Buy/Sell/Trade forum.Sales or Advertising are not permitted, nor to be distributed to anyone in the group outside of this forum. Any conflict of Interest must be discussed and resolved in front ofmembers of the Association at the next monthly meeting. Business items shall be discussed first,followed by educationfor every general meeting.



The elected officers shall be, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. Officers will be elected by a majority vote of NCWBA members present at the Annual meeting.


Officers shall serve for one year and may be elected to serve no more than 3 successive terms in any one position after which officers may be re-elected after one year of retirement. Officers shall attend more than one half of all Association meetings and fulfill the duties of their office or they may be removed by action of the Board or Association members.



The President Shall, (1) preside over all Association meetings, (2) call special meetings as deemed fit, and (3) Perform all acts and duties required of an executive and presiding officer, including the appointment of any committees required for the proper function of the association.

It shall NOT be within the purviewof the President to make major changes to the direction or policies of the associationwithout a vote of the members


The Vice President shall (1) assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and (2) assist the President as necessary.


The Treasurer shall (1.) Receive and disburse all funds honestly and efficiently(2.) Maintain accurate records of the associations checking account and (3.) keep complete and accurate account of all financial transactions after appropriate approval by the officers /association and keep records of Paid members and (4.)deliver complete documentation of all financial transactions to the treasurers successor in office.

The Treasurer shall also present a report at each regular and annual meeting of the association summarizing receipts and disbursements completed since the last report and including a listing of all disbursements whether check or petty cash, as well as the beginning and ending balances of all association bank and merchant accounts for the reporting period.

The treasurer shall request authorization of the association for any expenses or reimbursements to be paid, prior to issuing payment.


The Secretary shall (1) keep a permanent record of all official meetings of NCWBA, (2) report official Association activities to the membership in a complete and timely manner, and (3) perform other duties as requested by the Association.


Business will be conducted following Roberts rules of order.

Meetings of the general membership, shall be held at an established place no less than quarterly. TheAssociation shall invite the general public to these meetings and it shall be the responsibility of the officers or their delegates to ensure appropriate notice to the public that they may attend. Name badges and a sign-in sheet shall be provided at each meeting. Attendance will be a determining factor in any grantsthat may be given out in future.

At the discretion of the board the association may have a 50/50 raffle.


An annual meeting of the NCWBA will be held each January to:

  • Elect new officers

  • Establish Annual Dues

  • Approve a budget as presented by the board

  • Conduct any business as deemed appropriate.


No later than one 1 month before the Annual meeting the officers shall:

  • Notify the general membership of upcoming elections

  • Request nominations of prospective officers

  • Advise members that they may submit a nomination to any officer in person or via e-mail or phone .Nominations must be seconded no later than the beginning of the election at the Annual meeting.


A Quorum is not required at any regular or annual meeting of NCWBA, unless otherwise noted. Decisions will be made by a simple majority vote. There will be no proxies for those who are not present.



An audit committee shall be selected by the officers. The audit committee shall annually perform an internal audit before the Annual meeting, and shall present its report to the membership at large during the annual meeting.

A board member or an Association member designated by the president, other than the treasurer, shall count and verify the balance of the petty cash fund, and review the Bank Statements with the account register maintained by the treasurer at least quarterly, as a means of establishing safeguards and internal controls for protection of the associations assets as well as timely corrections of any errors of any electronic errors.

Any electronic records such as account registers shall be backed up at least monthly and the storage media kept off site by another member of the board.


No Officer, committee member, nor any other member of this association shall incur indebtedness on behalf of the association. Except as authorized by the Association or the Board of Directors.

No expenditure may be authorized nor any member reimbursed for any expenditure, whether for general business of the club or in support of its various committees, events and educational efforts, without approval by majority vote of the association members, the association members may authorize by majority vote certain regular or special expenditures in advance, such as insurance or web site fees or specified purchases, up to a limit specified in the motion and recordedin the minutes, any expenditure whether authorized in advance or presented for reimbursementmust be supported by physical receipts presented to the treasurer and retained for the associations financial records All pre-approvedof expenditures shall expire at the annual meeting and must be reauthorizedfor the current year as needed.

Expenditures for any purpose must be authorized by a vote of the Board or association members. Advanced authorization may be made with a specific limit. All expenditures must have supporting purchase receipts. No reimbursement will be made from Association funds without a vote of approval and a supporting purchase receipt

NCWBA encouragesdigital transactions where possible but shall accept cash or checks per the discretion of the treasurer.



NCWBA dues and monies shall be placed in a bank account in the Associations name.

The President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary shall be authorized signers on any association account, in the event that the president and treasurer are related by blood or marriage another board member shall be designated as a signer instead of the president.

It shall be the duty of the existing signers to notify the bank of any change in authorized signers. And facilitate the transition of new officers according to the election or removal of officers made by a vote of board or the association membership.

No cash with-drawls are permitted payments will be made with pre-printed checks drawn on the Association account or by electronic withdrawal as specifically authorized by the association membership. Incidental reimbursements or payments may be made from the petty cash funds according to procedures in that SECTION.

A debit card shall be issued for the association bank account and no credit account shall be established in the associations name.


NCWBA will maintain, using the associations “Savings” account, henceforth known as the Education Fund. An education fund with funds restricted for the sole purpose of educational events. The fund shall be replenished at an amount determined at the annual meeting, and any and all monies , in excess of initial costs shall be placed back in the account. The monies in this fund can only be used for approved educational projects or events and all spending must be pre approved by both the Board of Directors and General Membership

The funds, once designated to this accountcannot be used for anything other than Education, without full Quorum of members vote, and must be replenished to $1500, at the end of every year.


An Association merchant account shall be maintained for use with the web site for receipt of registration, dues and other payments.

Unpaid website invoices shall be noted in the monthly treasurers report and web site, receipt numbers, and payment details shall be recorded in the account registers, when received through merchant services funds shall also be noted in the monthly treasurers report.

The same officers who have authorized access to the bank account shall have access to the merchant services account to conduct Association business.


The Treasurer may maintain a Petty Cash fund of $100.00 to facilitate making change and reimbursing members for approved expenses. The Treasurer may determine whether reimbursement will be made from Petty Cash or in the form of a check from Association funds. All replenishments to the Petty Cash fund shall be made in the form of a check drawn on the Association account, payable to the Treasurer, and supported by receipts totaling the exact amount of the replenishment to return the fund level to $100.00. All funds received will be deposited to the Association account, and not included in or added to the Petty Cash. A Petty Cash report detailing the

activity in the fund shall be provided to the Association at least quarterly. The reports and corresponding receipts shall be retained in the Association financial records.


The Treasurer shall use pre-numbered no carbon required (NCR) duplicate receipt books to record all monies physically received by the Association, indicating at a minimum the date, amount and purpose of the funds, and including the payer’s name or the source of the funds (such as “donation jar”) and purpose of the payment. This information shall be included in the account register maintained by the Treasurer. A receipt book shall be available at all club meetings and events where revenue is reasonably expected, and a Board or Association member shall be designated to record monies received and arrange for their deposit in the Association account in the absence of the Treasurer. Whenever reasonably possible, a second Board or Association member will count and verify all cash received and recorded for deposit. Payments made on the web site and received via merchant account shall also be recorded in the register, including the details set forth previously.


All monies belonging to the association shall be kept securely until deposited, and the treasurer or designated member handling the funds on behalf of the association is responsible for their safe delivery to the bank or board member. All funds other than petty cash shall be deposited in the association account no later than 72 hours after receipt the receipt book shall be kept with all the association financial records.


A check register or similar ledger shall be maintained by the treasurer recordi
ngall deposits made and checks written, and including, date, amount, payor or payee,receipt or check number and purpose of each transaction.

No cash withdrawals shall be permitted from ANY association account if the account register is maintained electronically, a paper printout shall be produced at least monthly for reconciliation, with the bank Statements and provide a back up record of the associations financial activity.


The web master for the association web site shall make available the instructions and access necessary to view, update, and record information, related to membership, program participation and financial transactions for the maintenanceof the associations records.

The treasurer shall maintain a current list of paid up members by adding those paid in cash or by check to the online registry of membership and association events and activities the board shall have access to the web site membership lists and contact information in order to conduct the business of the Association.


If NCWBA ceases to exist, funds and assets of record shall be disbursed to one or several non profit organizations with the objective and intent that theses funds and assets be used for the benefit of beekeeping or pollinator research education or outreach. The destination of the funds shall be decided by a majority vote of the Officers of the club and lifetime membership holders in good standing, prior to disbandment of the organization.



The President shall appoint such committees task forces and or agents as may be necessary and proper for the conduct of the affairs of NCWBA. Any non-mandatory committees may be disbanded at any time by direction of the President or Association Members


The following committees must exist at all times:


B)Board Advisory


D) Community Outreach/Public Information Officer

The Secretary can be appointed as the Public Information officer

SECTION 3. Webmaster/Team

The President shall appoint a webmaster to establish and maintain a secure web site to inform the public about the Association and to conduct business online for the association, members such as memberships and registration for programs and events,. The webmaster shall maintain the website and inform the board of its status as needed and shall make available the financial and member information to the treasurer and the secretary in order that they may fulfill their duties.

The Web master will recommend available web services for the association and request payment for the annual fee, domain name registration and any other costs associated with the web site. If the association does not approve a web site fee or renewal in advance the web master may suspend or discontinue the services in order to avoid incurring an unreimbursed expense. When a new web master is appointed the access and account information as well as the financial responsibility for the site, shall be transferred to the new web master.


The Bylaws may be altered, amended added to or repealed by two thirds vote of members present at any meeting, provided the text of the changes has been made available to and announced to members at least 60 days, and allow 30 day response before the vote.


All physical assets will be stored at a pre-approved facility or premise by a designated Association member in good standing. All assets cannot be utilized by a non association member at any time for any reason. The Extractor kit and other physical assets can be stored separately or together. With the exception of books.


The Extractor kit, henceforth known as the “Kit”. Is a set of equipment provided by the associations to its members only at a rate of $10 a day with a $100. deposit, it must be returned no later than the 4thday of rental, In the event that the extractor is returned late, there will be a late fee of $25. each day it is late. All extractor rentals must be accompanied by signed “Rental Agreement” before leaving the premises.


All assets not covered or included in the aforementioned “Kit” cannot be lent out nor utilized by any Association member without prior board approval.

By Laws Adopted Jan 19th 2020

NORTH CENTRAL WASHINGTON BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION Is a registered Washington State Non-Proift. UBI 603594512

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